Garage Door Spring Repair at Framingham, MA.

There are many dangers associated with broken garage door springs, and it is not recommended to replace it by yourself. Garage door broken springs, will cause the door to shake erratically, or even stuck the door with no way to operate it and if you keep trying using it, by opening or closing it, you will sure damage the engine, and that will cost you much more money and additional repairs. Also, when using it, while having broken spring, it will cause the panel to come off its track, leading to even more damage to your surrounding property and garage. When you call us, we will send you one of our professional's technicians, he will get to your home immediately and will fix it by replacing new garage door spring – Same Day!

  • Convert extension springs system to torsion spring system.
  • Extension spring replacement.
  • Torsion spring adjustment and replace.

Same Day Service For Garage Door Repair!

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valuable information about garage door springs

Garage doors usually work with either torsion spring or extension springs systems. The extension springs are very common on single doors and are great in supporting lightweight doors. The torsion spring systems were designed to support heavier doors, such as wood doors and commercial doors.

What happened when a spring break on a garage door?

If only one spring support the door, the door will fall to the ground, and you won't be able to lift it until you replace the broken spring.

To replace the spring, we must measure it to make sure we install a correct one instead.
For that we need to know four things.:

  1. Length of the spring
  2. Inside diameter
  3. Wire size
  4. Right or left-hand wound

Have A Broken Spring?

We do not recommend any unqualified person to handle the situation and to replace a broken spring by himself. If you found yourself in need for spring replacement - Call us now - We are the pros. 

Torsion Spring for garage door