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Garage door opener, if need to be replaced, it may cause a dilemma - Which garage door opener you should use? What are the differences between each one? and which one will serve you with smooth operation and minimum problems for the next years? Instead of guessing and to avoid mistakes, you can consult with one of our member staff, on whether replacing or repairing your garage door opener. It is part of our job to advise you on the best solutions, to fit your needs, and only after we carefully inspect the problem. Each door may need a different unit, it depend on sizes and weight of the door. Also, there are several solutions for each problem, and it is our job to advise you for the best one for you. We own a wide range of openers, different brands, and styles, to assure the best possible solution for you.

We guarantee it - you will be satisfied with our service. At garage door repair Framingham, MA, our main goal is our customers satisfaction.

Garage Door Liftmaster Opener
Garage Door Liftmaster Opener

Garage Door Openers Brands And Styles

  • Liftmaster opener
  • Craftsman opener
  • Universal opener
  • Opener installation.

For your choice, we provide solutions for chain drive and belt drive openers ans well as screw drive openers. A chain opener is the most basic opener, provides relayebilty but a bit noisey. If you wish to prevent the noise you should get the belt-drive opener. It's operation is a great solution on preventing noises while working and works in a much smoother way - Its price will be higher in approximately $100-$200 per unit (Including installation), But if your garage is attached to your house or you bedroom is on top of the unit, you must have the belt drive opener. As far as the Chain-drive opener, there are many argues about its relayabilty, therefor we rather not reccomand about it - because it may have some difficulty issuse while in a cold weather and also, it has a noisey operation.

If you scheduled service with us, please ask for more details from your service technician, or contact us by phone.

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