How to program a Genie and Liftmaster Transmitters

In this article, we will explain and show how to program Genie and Liftmaster transmitters, in a very easy way. Make sure your remotes are functioning correctly and with batteries installed properly. Ready to go? Let’s start.


We first want to locate the “Learn Code button” on the operator. It should be located on the back panel of the opener and should look similar to as seen in the next photo

Genie opener back panel

(If you use the old screw opener, you will find the “learn code button” on the front of the opener)

  1. Once you have found the learn code button, press and release that button.
  2. A red light will begin to flash.
  3. Press and release the button on your remote TWICE – On the first press the flashing red light will be solid red, the second press will turn the red light off.
  4. Now your remote is programmed with the opener, and if you press the button the third time, it will operate your garage door.


There are two basic styles of Liftmaster transmitters, but both will be programmed the same way. Same as we did with the Genie, we are about to do with Liftmaster. The Smart button will be located on the back of the unit (As seen in the next photo)

Liftmaster smart button

  1. Press and release the Smart button on the opener.
  2. The LED light will be solid (Yellow).
  3. Press the button on your remote for few second (usually around 5 sec).
  4. The LED light should turn OFF.
  5. Press the remote button again, and the door will move up or down.

If you need to clear all your codes and to reprogram all your remotes do the following:

  1. Press and HOLD receiver code button for 6 seconds.
  2. Wait until indicator light will turn ON.
  3. Release Code button when light turns OFF.

Do I need to reprogram the transmitter when I replace the battery on my remote?

Absolutely Not. If replacing the battery on the transmitter, you should not reprogram it. By the way, most of the transmitters are working with a cell battery 2032.

If you don’t have a push program transmitter, you should have a “Deep switch transmitter”. If that’s the case, then it’s a matter of locating the receiver. Most likely it will be in the back of the Motor Head and will look similar to the attached photo. You should have, either 9 or 12 deep switches.

Deep Switches on the back panel of garage door opener

Open the transmitter and find the Deep Switches inside of it.

Deep switches transmitter

Then just match the Deep Switches of the transmitters to those in the receiver. After you do that, your door should start working. If you can’t find the receiver on the back of the Motor Head, then you should find it in a 4”x6” plastic box somewhere near the Motor Head.

The information in this article is about Genie and Liftmaster products. If for some reasons you need professional assistance with your garage door opener – Please contact Framingham Garage Doors & Repairs At (508) 217-7917

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